As a community-based organization that very much considers the plight of the less privileged and most vulnerable within our communities, we take cognizance of the fact that the number of people facing hunger in our communities increases dramatically, and as such an unprecedented number of beneficiaries increasingly need our help.

When the children and the elderly face hunger, it exacerbates chronic illnesses and speeds the onset of early aging and degenerative diseases. Nothing makes life sweeter than meeting the urgent nutrition needs of starving people.

In line with our vision as an organization, we always strive to explore every opportunity to make REAL life changes in the life of hungry people. Having food remains a constant worry for families especially those unemployed in these uncertain times.

Here at TFBI we use the world hunger index and other criteria to select communities we feed. We envision a scenario where no one in every community goes to bed on an empty stomach.

Our Mission:

End childhood hunger and poverty, eliminate food insecurity experienced by families, and to support smallholder farmers increase food production to ensure food security for all.

Our triangular program supports our vision of sustainable community development through agriculture and food security for all. It is an intertwined triangle where each piece feeds off and supports the other.
Our prepackaged meals provide immediate relief to people urgently needing food. This is directed at schools to feed children, hospitals to feed patients recovering in their wards, and disaster victims who need immediate assistance.
Provides the basic and essential food Nigerian need every day to survive. These are garri, beans, and rice. Making it available for free or at an affordable price will reduce hunger in Nigeria.
Our agriculture empowerment program will support farmers and those willing to engage in agriculture with the tools they need to grow food. We will encourage urban agriculture so that families can grow their own vegetables in their free space. People can share seeds and other resources to encourage each other. See our Agriculture Initiative.
We run an open book policy. Donations received, money spent is properly accounted for and our account is audited by professionals. Our finances can be accessed on our web page. We adopt financial best practices. We dedicate 70% of donations to serving our clients and only 30% to overheads to provide the service. To reduce costs, we have a large pool of volunteers who help us serve our communities.


Ogbonnaya Achinivu

A mission minded pastor with passion to serve and help people. He is also an entrepreneur to solve problems affecting food production by providing organic agriculture solutions.

Chinee Obiamaka Iloabanafor

Director Operations

A seasoned public health practitioner, with a wealth of experience managing international donor funded projects

Toyin Benjamin

Director Food and Nutrition

A specialist in providing nutrient-dense and quality conscious food parcels for our clients