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We depend on our partners to serve our communities without which it is impossible to do.

Volunteer hours served in 2020.

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All profits towards hunger relief

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Hunger Relief
The Food Bank Initiative program takes a comprehensive approach to food insecurities in Nigeria.
These are special people who volunteer their time and resources to help us serve our communities.
We need the support of everyone to end the carnage. We adopt schools & provide them with prepackaged breakfast.
Our goal is to work with smallholder farmers to optimize agriculture and increase food production.

Our Mission

To end childhood hunger and to build food banks that will support families experiencing food insecurity. We collaborate with small holder famers to optimize agriculture and increase food production by providing investment, tools and eco-friendly solutions that will address challenges affecting agriculture.

145,000 Meals a Day Makes an Impact

Our activities go beyond feeding children, we also address all other areas affecting children’s academic performance and wellness. This program ensures that the child gets most of the nutrient

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

Our involvement with agriculture will increase agricultural activities/food production, reduce the price of food, and increase family income which will affect the living standards of families and their children. Local farmers will be the bedrock of our food bank program.

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